The brain is built of an enormous amount of neurons that somehow work together (using even a larger amount of inter-neuron connections) to support the individual’s success and survival. One of the major tasks of the brain is to combine external information picked up by the sensory system which probes the outside world with some form of internal learned information to support appropriate behavior. The understanding of how these processes are achieved is a fundamental goal of the neuroscience community, and although some advances had been made, there are still a lot of mysteries that await unraveling. Limited by past technology, traditional research of the neural mechanism subserving memory and learning has been focusing on coding of the information in the single neuron level. With the advent of multiunit recording which allowed recording of many neurons simultaneously, new ideas were emerging, pointing to a more communal processing level. Inspired by theoretical work from the computation neuroscience field, recent research highlighted the importance of dynamic activity among ensemble of neurons and across brain nuclei as a fundamental property that drive and contribute to information processing in the brain and support its manifestation in behavior. My lab will follow this path, looking for further evidence to link dynamic neural ensemble activity to memory, learning and behavior.




Yes, I'm recruiting !!!

The lab start forming, and this is a good time to start looking for great students. If you are interested in studying what shapes our memories, how they are encoded and how this coding is changing by experience, you are most welcome to send me an email with your CV to anan@post.tau.ac.il and I'll be happy to meet and discuss optional projects.

Waiting to hear from you !